At this point, we’ve had more ‘push-backs’ than a sub-par R&B album!  …but alas Fall 2016 development is well under way.

Around early Summer, a conflict (of sorts) was discovered and we were forced to scrap our entire Spring 2016 collection (2 months prior to show).  Cut to the present…patterns have been drafted, the first iteration of samples are rolling along, and fittings will begin soon.

We have about 4 months to complete the collection, launch website and ship this baby off to NY!  I’ll try to provide an update (here and there), without boring you silly.

Trust me…  I know that following some designers can feel like a never-ending ad.  With that in mind, we try to maintain a level of relatability here @ CMMSSND.  (pronounced [kuhmishuhnd] “commissioned”).

We’re simply here to shoot the shit.


Cheers to zero pretenses!




DeeDee Wright