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Grey, Plaid and Denim:

With so many stylish women (and men) in the world, it’s hard not to take a  cue every now and again.

Having grown up (and residing practically all my adult life) in Southern California, fine-tuning Fall ensembles has always been a bit of a challenge.   Mostly due to the fact that the climate changes so dramatically from morning, to afternoon. Whereas it’s typically 50 degrees in the morning, by the time the clock strikes noon, it’s a sunny 70+ degrees (Note: I am neither gloating, nor am I complaining).  …just saying SoCal (“Fall”) weather can make for quite the awkward look (mid  -super sunny-  day).

As with the rest of the country (the world) I’m currently trying my hand at layering.  Whilst scrolling through Tumblr, I came across a simple (…and you know how I LOVE all things minimal) classic, oh-so-French look, that I just had to test.

All of the items above were readily available in my closet, which is always a plus.





Photo credit: Moi

DeeDee Wright