No two ways about it…  I adore mini dresses.

In my humble opinion, there are few things more flattering than a well-designed, perfectly constructed (semi-boxy) mini dress (or a “woven shift dress“, if you will).

You see, a raised hemline typically gives one the appearance of longer legs.  While straight lines (about the waist) provide just enough mystery, to subtly contour one’s true form.  …and with a 0.76. hip-to-waist ratio, I need all the “contouring” I can get! #nobodysperfect

Of course, I kid.  …but (as is the case with make-up), it’s always fun to play with garment  promotions, effectively manipulating the shape and outward appearance of one’s form.

This SS/14 season, I think I’ll feel like giving the illusion of being “leggy”.  Though, with the price tag of $4200.00+, I think I’ll also feel like giving the illusion of someone with a relatable budget, and search for something a bit more sensible.  …priorities.

Cheers to champagne taste, etc.



DeeDee Wright