The Art of Reinvention



…just finished tweaking my bio, so that it more accurately reflects the “work” I do today.  …or whatever you wanna’ call it!

It’s been approximately 7 1/2 years since I bid (a rather irritated) farewell to the music business.  A business that I downright hustled to break in to, at the tender age of 22.  …and a business that had (clearly) seen better days, by the time I was old enough to be taken seriously.

During the time I left, iTunes had only begun to reveal itself as an industry force.  Record companies were trying to wrap their heads around how to go about “clearing” BTS footage (for artists’ websites…’cause websites were still important then) in a timely manner.  Inexpensive BTS footage was considered valuable in those days, as it kept audiences engaged in between albums.

During the time I left, Facebook had just overtaken Myspace; while Instagram was a mere glimmer in the eyes of Kevin and Mike.

…seemed like the perfect time to shake the scene, and start a family!  So I did exactly that.    Both. Feet. In.

And in a flash, I went from Tuesday morning “Status” meetings (countless emails, office politics and conference calls), to R.I.E. (Google it).

In the time it took me to get my (now, 6 y.o.) Son in Primary School and established as a certified “Big Boy”, the skills that I’d fine-tuned over the past 12 years, were all but outdated.  What’s a Girl to do?

Well, I decided to do what I’d done initially, prior to getting into the music business (in ’97).  I jumped back into the Garment Business, riding securely on the coattails of my Spouse.

This journey has taken many forms.  …from Blogger, to Designer (back to Blogger), to Creative Director, to Minimalist Lifestyle Expert, Brand Strategist (MOM).  The one thing that has remained constant, from the time I worked as a 21 y.o. Receptionist for Imagine Ent. (’til now) is this:

Though specific disciplines may become outdated, the knowledge you will have amassed (from industry to industry…entry-level to executive) will greatly contribute to your ability to ‘trail-blaze’ into new frontiers, and to lead with accumulated knowledge, confidence and precision.

There’s something to be said for the Boss that can say “when I held that position…”, and actually mean it.

Cheers to the journey, and its many forms.  …and cheers to appreciating each unique transition, from the comfort of your final destination!

I had fun today.


Gros bisou a’ tous,


DeeDee Wright