Denim and Fur

Fur and Denim:

So I hear there’s an art to wearing (and actually pulling-off) fur in L.A.

Unlike New York, L.A. (as a backdrop) does not naturally lend itself as a believable setting to accommodate looks, inclusive of fur.

As I thought of how I wanted to execute the look above, I had three things in mind: Continue Reading

In To…

DeeDee Wright Plaid & Denim

Grey, Plaid and Denim:

I’m not exactly sure when the color Grey decided to come into my life (and tear it completely down), nevertheless it has.

Seriously, I have to consciously decide (each morning) to wear a color other than the aforementioned.  It has become my religion.  It’s literally the perfect color for where I live.  …not as harsh as black (in the bright SoCal sun).  …yet, not as Spring(y)/ warm as tan (I could go on). Continue Reading