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It was (dare I say) chilly last night in Santa Monica!  Post Easter-feast, we decided to take our Son to see his first little film (at the theaterrrrrrrr!  *Oprah voice*) last night.  We’ve been waiting 5+ years!  …and it was so charming!  Plus, our film selection did not disappoint. Continue Reading

Friend of Faux



This look (from last week) was inspired by sheer jealously. (yup, I said it)

I swear I’m so envious every F/W season I see all the pretty New Yorkers strutting around (all sickening n’ stuff) in an assortment of gorgeous fur.  …my personal preference being “faux’, but to each their own.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to pull-off a fur infused look in L.A. for the longest.  …and wouldn’t you know it?  …it took a New Yorker to show me the way to dressed-down fur salvation. (sending endless thanks!) Continue Reading