The Skinny


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It was (dare I say) chilly last night in Santa Monica!  Post Easter-feast, we decided to take our Son to see his first little film (at the theaterrrrrrrr!  *Oprah voice*) last night.  We’ve been waiting 5+ years!  …and it was so charming!  Plus, our film selection did not disappoint. Continue Reading


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You know?  It isn’t exactly hard to fall back on nautical looks, living this close to the beach.

…and Lord knows I adore basics (simplicity).  …a well-constructed jacket, Tee , jeans, pumps (let’s go!).

Oddly enough, this sensibility (that is simplicity) for me at least, applies across the board.  …in style, in business, in relationships, in parenting…art.  Minimal is never underwhelming. Continue Reading