Denim and Fur

Fur and Denim:

So I hear there’s an art to wearing (and actually pulling-off) fur in L.A.

Unlike New York, L.A. (as a backdrop) does not naturally lend itself as a believable setting to accommodate looks, inclusive of fur.

As I thought of how I wanted to execute the look above, I had three things in mind: 1. Use basics to tone down the “dressy” aesthetic of fur

2. Keep color story light (airy) enough so that the overall ensemble remained day-appropriate

3. Be sure to include denim

One of the biggest mistakes I see on the streets of L.A. is a dark bottom (usually pants), paired with fur jackets…vests.  Whereas one could likely get away with it after 7 pm, this combination can be a bit much in the glaring sun.

Anyhoo, I’ll throw together a few snaps I took of this look last week, and post sometime tomorrow.

…then we’ll see how well of a job I did backing-up all this smack I just talked myself into.

Cheers to micro challenges!!






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DeeDee Wright