Lately, I’ve been in the mood to approach styling leather bottoms from an entirely different perspective, through proportion play.

It seems I am now the embodiment of the saying, “just because you have it, doesn’t mean you should etc.”  …you know the rest.

I have to be honest, as women grow we sometimes regress in style , donning items that worked (in our 20’s)….but perhaps lag in sophistication in our 30’s and beyond.  It can be difficult for a once familiar aesthetic to ‘keep up’, as we flourish.

There’s no manual for this.  …and there is certainly, no ‘one size’ approach to tranformative styling, that comfortably fits all.  (as me, and my fellow women, merrily transition from one decade to the next)  #what

The thing is, runways, magazines and ‘style-stars de jour’ (much like night clubs) remain the same (in age) indefinitely.  …but we (happily) grow!  And as we grow, there is far less age-specific (style-related) imagery to embrace…much less embody.

This needs to be adjusted.  Whereas it’s true, I no longer shop for sport as I did in my 20’s (what with a family, responsibilities, less time and all).  …when I finally have time to shop, it should be noted my purchases are far more significant.  And the imagery for items sold (that are considered attractive for my demographic), should inspire *my style.  …not just the aspirational shoppers who apply ‘main floor’ imagery to fast-fashion (not that there’s anything wrong w/ that).

Coachella has been dead to me for a decade.  …it would be great if that aestetic followed suit.  …but, to each their own.

Cheers to owning your level of taste (as it presently stands).  …and never apologizing for it.


Lots of love,



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DeeDee Wright