New Year…New Blog!


Millinery, Chanel-Inspired Chain:

…and oh, what a year it was!

It was around this time last year I launched my first blog, my beloved Mon Petit +1.  Initially, I started this blog as a way to obligate myself to maintain my personal style.  As a WFHM (Work From Home Mom) with a pre-school aged Son, living on L.A.’s Westside, it is extraordinarily easy/ convenient to adapt a Yoga-inspired look, as a (sort of) day-to-day uniform.

Whereas I absolutely appreciate practical fashion, as a non-practitioner of Yoga, I simply couldn’t justify the purchase.

…so I began blogging.  …”outfit of the day” here.  …my Son’s “look of the day” there.  …which eventually evolved into a full-blown passion for “mommy-and-me fashion”.  …”putting one’s best foot forward” as my Grandmother would often say.

Having run a style-based blog for a little over a year now, it seems I’ve reached a point where I’d like to share a bit more about the people behind the quirky images.  …starting w/ me.

Hi…  …I’m DeeDee.  Welcome to my new obsession, DeeDeeWright.Com.  Above, you’ll find inspiration for this evening’s NYE look.

Bonne annee!







DeeDee Wright