Baby Doll



One of the things I love/hate about SoCal is the casualness of it all.

It had to have been 1994, the last time I wore a “baby doll” dress.  …that I (naturally) bought at Contempo Casuals.  …who (naturally) had CeCe Peniston blaring throughout the store. #nostalgia

Remember mall life?  A teenagers paradise.  A place where kids once gathered to actually TALK to one and other.  It was such a sweet time.  …far cry from today’s teen-experience.

Anyhoo, here I am (all these years later) rockin an ’empire’ and ‘sneaks’.  Somehow, I’ve never been more at ease.

Cheers to one’s inner child (to ‘1994 Deedles’!).  …and to being old AF.





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DeeDee Wright