…so many outfit aspirations.  …so few opportunities.

When getting dressed at all, constitutes such comments as “you’re all dressed-up today”, one can understandably relate to one’s sheer “over-it (ness)” regarding the whole “nonchalant” L.A. scene.

Maybe, it’s just my demographic but, I miss the carefree days of yore when people expressed themselves via personal style.  Granted, those in my “demo” indeed have far more important matters with which to devote their time.

As one of those visual “artsy” types (however), I find it increasingly difficult to get that daily dose of sartorial inspiration, in my neck of the woods.  …much less display a little personal style, sans hoopla.  It’s a shame really, as I’ve always turned to those around me for inspiration (on so many levels).  …one can only hope the “yoga coma” lifts soon.

In the meantime, I am determined to find an occasion-appropriate way to wear the look above.

…so simple.  …so chic.

It’s on!

Gros bisous a tous,



DeeDee Wright