Minimal List


IMG_7229There are several style items, I can not live without: Wayfarers, “Ox Blood” Lip-liner…and wine.

What little time I have left, is mostly spent mix-match’ing a handful of go-to pieces (that hang on the outer shore, of a sea of shit I do. not. wear.).

I’m not alone.  …what is this?  I mean…to thumb through any woman’s closet, is to marvel at the warehouse of shit ‘you’ve never seen her in’.

Which, naturally, brings me to question…  What are we hanging onto?  Pun intended.

For those who are married, does one’s bloated wardrobe represent tiers of costumes from the single days of yore?

For Moms, does it represent the time-surplussed pre-baby days?  …’memba those?  For those who are single, exactly how important are those midnight snack-run “Sponge Bob” pajama pants you’ve been archiving?

Speaking for myself, I’ve become bored with my closet.  …this happens often.  I get on a kick, burn-out on an aesthetic, frantically donate (repeat).  …my poor husband.

I’ve evolved to treat my closet like a brand (blame my profession).  …but once a season’s over, I’m over it.  …so not sustainable.

I’ve been threatening to launch a wardrobe take-over on my friends, since forever.  …just mosey in, hijack styles I love, and (of course) blog about it.  Lord knows, I’d never run out of ‘retro looks’.  JK!!!

…though the “take-over” part is not exactly off the table.


Walking in beauty…like the night,



Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarer

T-Shirt: James Perse

Ponte Mini: Husband’s label GBTSO

Sling Backs: Manolo Blahnik

Watch: Calvin Klein Collection


Photo credit: Jocelyn Garcia

DeeDee Wright