White Jeans:

Seasonal colors be damned!

With L.A. being Summer-like one day, and Fall-like the next, one’s weekly assortment of costumes can come off looking a bit schizophrenic, at the very least.  …which brings me to this.  We’ll call it “Winter White” for now. There’s always that brief period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, where the mere thought of White pants (and shoes) causes a collective, county-wide cringe.  With Summer peaking so late in L.A. (usually between mid-September and late October-November), we’re actually sick of all things Summer and in dire need of visuals reminiscent of Fall, as we prepare for an 80 degree Thanksgiving.

…but then the inevitable shift happens.  When we catch wind of the misery that often accompanies the Winter weather we so desperately crave, we begin to embrace the good fortune that is mild (predictable) weather.  Some of us are even able to humbly appreciate this good fortune without getting “unFriended”.  (oooh FB)

Happy Friday!




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DeeDee Wright