Jacquard. Denim. Pumps.

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DeeDee Wright Winter 2014…so, we had about 10 minutes of “Fall” weather over the weekend (in L.A.)…and – I – ponced!

(oh, the desperation) In terms of sensibility, I am as SoCal as they come.  I love the beach, loathe traffic, and am pretty easy-going (until I’m not!).

However, in terms of style and aesthetics I mostly relate to the French (sans Ciggies).  The perfect mix of modern and old-world (menswear-inspired) garments sends me all a-swoon.  …but clearly one needs a little weather to pull this off. #WestsideStruggles

Above is ‘moi’…my trademark (and by “trademark” I mean lazy, wavy) hair and a pair of pumps.  …this, juxtaposed with a little menswear.

I kept the palette neutral (which I often do)…with only the slightest bit of color.

Anyhoo, I’m off to grab a man-sized cup of coffee (*le sigh*) and start the week.

Top of the Monday to ya!




Overcoat: John Varvatos

Scarf: Paul Smith

Sweater: Jil Sander

Denim: Urban Outfitters

Pumps: (super old) Manolo Blahnik

Photo credit: Mid City Jiro (Maestu)


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