Come hell, or high water, I am determined to make Fall happen! …in drought stricken L.A.  …whilst in the midst of heatwave.  I mean…

Weather-wise, it’s literally (in the slang tense of the term) “Groundhog Day“.  …happens every year.  Fall is in full-swing (in global ‘style-land’) and we’re over here over-exposed, over-heated and just plain ‘over-it”.

Fortunately all hope is not lost.  I hear there’s a forthcoming thunder storm due to make impact next week.

If one of you would be kind enough to advise whether or not one carries an umbrella in such a storm, it would be most appreciated.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to try my hand at (light)layering.  …and hop online to grab umbrellas for the family.

Cheers to nonexistent seasons!  …and wishful thinking.


Giggling while I work,




Tank: Husband’s Label

Vest: Husband’s Label

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Pumps: J Crew

Watch: Calvin Klein Collection
Photo credit: Moi

DeeDee Wright