What can one say about Motherhood, that hasn’t been said?

Recently, I was dealt a pretty annoying blow, which ultimately lead to my decision to scrap my current collection (and start from scratch).

Whereas the ‘starting over’ part is a small deal (at best)…  …the 5 month delay is what’s bugging me.

Cry me no rivers, but I was hoping to be ‘busier’ as my Son’s Fall school schedule extends from 1/2 day, to a full 7 hours.

Now that the goal of launching my collection has shifted from Spring ’16, to Fall ’16, I’m in the ‘lab’ today working on styles for immediate distribution, as well as a capsule collection for next Summer.

With a few matters being up in the air, it’s calming to have a little photographic reminder of why I do, what I do.  …and for whom.   “The kid, man.  It’s all for the kid.”



Sending love, and inspiration on this glorious Mumday.  …from my office, to yours.

Gros bisou a tous,



DeeDee Wright