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Quilted Leather, Slip-Ons:

…soooooo, Tumblr kind of rules my world these days.  I mean, it’s everything (speaking from a place of aesthetics).

Every now and again my husband will bring home a glossy.  Once I skip past all of the ads, I’m usually left feeling a bit nonplussed.  …guess one could easily blame this insta-society in which we live. By the time many glossy images are published, they’ve lived a rich (heavily exploited) life online, in one capacity or another.  …biggest offender being my beloved Tumblr.  Depending on the feeds you follow, you get to journey with an international array of editors’ in between appointments, take in a little people-watching (by way of street-style feeds)…there’s menswear, art, photography, architecture, lifestyle, kids (!!!) etc.

Again, depending on who you follow, and the frequency of their respective posts, you essentially have (at your fingertips) a living, constantly moving, online magazine (carefully curated by the reader).  …and it’s divine.

Above are a few pickings that inspired my ‘quilted’ leather slip-ons look earlier this week.

Bon appetit!



DeeDee Wright