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Easter’s around the corner and my home is all abuzz with darling little crafts, landscaping aspirations and preparation for Sunday dinner.  It’s a precious time for my family.

With my Son finally being old enough to appreciate holidays and show a little enthusiasm, it’s a joy to see him so involved.

He’s also been asked to serve as ring bearer in a friend’s forthcoming wedding, so there’s happiness, excitement and preparations galore these days.

Anyhoo, (getting back to Easter) it would appear I’m still somewhat undecided as to what I’ll wear come Sunday.

I’m trying to be a good little Mommy (of course, I kid) and stay away from retail for a while.  …so I’ve dusted off my favorite sea-foam patent leather heels.

Words can not express how much I adore with this quintessential Spring color.  …though I’m really not a pastel girl, per se.  Somehow, pairing this hue with a sand-y (khaki-like) rain coat and an LBD to anchor the color-story turned, what could have been a pastel nightmare, into a strong/ sophisticated minimal-chic ensemble.  (dare I even say, understated power look).  …why not!

Cheers to less being more.  …and to the many beautiful religious holidays this season.

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Sunnies: Rayban

Rain Coat: New York Industries

Zipper Shift Dress: Husband’s label (which shall remain nameless) *wink*

Heels: Steve Madden

Photo credit: Moi

DeeDee Wright