Fresh Cut Weekly…Spring Equinox Edition

2014-03-20 12.54.40

The First Day of Spring is upon us!

…and what a beautiful day it’s turned out to be.  In addition to Spring Equinox, apparently, it is also the International Day of Happiness (…random).

Even though I’ve never heard of it, question its origins (am too lazy to Google), I’m game.

Listen, who doesn’t appreciate an opportunity to acknowledge (and to show appreciation for) the people/and things that make us happy?  That being said, I’d like to say I truly appreciate the calm (and relaxation) that comes with the feeling of having enough time.  …of not being rushed.

I appreciate having time to just sit *and listen* to the incredible, fascinatingly busy world in which we live.   …so interconnected we are.  …but with each, our individual song.  The sound we generate as we go about our day-to-day lives, blended together, produces the ultimate symphony.  …much like the wilderness.

Through sound, we unknowingly, play a part in the lives of our fellow-man.  …and in many ways, contribute to someones happiness.

With so much (‘everything’) happening in the news lately, an International Day of Happiness is a welcomed surprise (now matter how arbitrary).

Cheers to your daily symphony!  …to the beauty of sound.




Flower credit: Iris

DeeDee Wright