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…that face you make when you learn your entire Spring ’16 collection has to be scrapped (in the 11th hour) due to “conflict”.  Shiiiiit.

I’ve had about 6 days to mope (and throw the occasional hissy fit).  …now, the show must go on!  …and go on it shall. (“Come at me Bro!”)  : D

As the next 6 weeks will be comprised of longs hours, impossible commutes, shoots, digital hell and a restless 5 y.o.; I don’t have much time to “play” with “looks”.  The problem is, I (like many) tend to be more productive when feeling great.  …and looking put-together, makes me feel pretty darn good.

#noexcuses  After all, I did choose to take on (like) a billion responsibilities.  …it didn’t just ‘happen’.  That said, I will dually choose to be the best Me.  …the Me I’ve always enjoyed being.  …yup,’ that’ girl.  …and ‘that’ aesthetic.

I can’t be the only one engaging these internal pep-talks.  …it’s rough out there!  (Grown-ups, you know what I’m talking about)  ; )


Wish me luck!  …as I wish you all well.


Gros Bisou a Tous,



Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarer

Muscle T:  Crippen

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Sling Backs: Manolo Blahnik

Watch: Calvin Klein Collection


Photo credit: Jocelyn Garcia

DeeDee Wright