Dinner Party Daydreams

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Is it too early to set the table for Saturday’s dinner?

I know it’s only Wednesday, but it appears I’ve already mentally checked this week off.  …but not because it hasn’t been great!

You see, last weekend my husband bought (what turned out to be) a highly empowering book.  Of the many matters the book addressed, the topic of discussion that struck a chord with me was the imbalance many new parents often suffer as they work to maintain (and in some cases re-gain) a sense of personal identity (and maintain interests) outside of parenthood.

Sooo much changes, when you become a parent.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, I began blogging as an attempt to reconnect with (well) me.  As an extraordinarily committed Mum (who some friends regard as being “over-the-top”), it was important for the sake of balance, and out of respect for my Son’s personal journey, not to become obsessed.

The importance of being happy in one’s own skin can not be overstated.  …to feel fulfilled in one’s own world; which enables Mums to fully appreciate the blessing that is Motherhood…family.

A dinner party, for me, is an extension of the pursuit of my own interests.  …a creative outlet.  …an opportunity to give.  …it’s also opportunity to share.  And there is truly nothing I’d rather do more, in this phase of life, than to share.

(cheers) To love!  To family!  …and dinner!




Photo credit: Moi

Dinnerware credit: Heath Ceramics


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