Boxy Tops, Skinny Bottoms:

Sooo it appears this whole ‘Tomboy thing‘ I’ve picked up is sticking around for a stretch.  Now that’s certainly not to say my wardrobe lacks variety.  Simply, my day-to-day (“go-to”) look tends to veer on the “boyish” side.

…maybe it’s because I now have a Son, and dressing him has inspired my look.  …maybe it’s because of my new-found obsession with French Fashion Editors‘ street style.  …or maybe it’s because this look is so anti-L.A., I get to enjoy a taste of life outside the mold (in addition to that whole African-American thing).  *wink*

Whatever the case, this particular aesthetic is feeling more comfortable (pulled-together) by the day.  …sexy re-defined.  …no complaints.

Sending love!



DeeDee Wright