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You know?  It isn’t exactly hard to fall back on nautical looks, living this close to the beach.

…and Lord knows I adore basics (simplicity).  …a well-constructed jacket, Tee , jeans, pumps (let’s go!).

Oddly enough, this sensibility (that is simplicity) for me at least, applies across the board.  …in style, in business, in relationships, in parenting…art.  Minimal is never underwhelming. I (like many who grew up in oh-so-flashy L.A.) grew to appreciate subtlety.  Discernment.

Living in a town of excess, where (often times) there is more money than good-taste.  Ostentatious(ness).  …more social-climbing than friendships.  …one can certainly understand one’s desire to consciously tune-out, and turn-off.

…but then, these international spectacles take place that sucks you right back into the chatter.

Which brings me to the 2014 Grammys.

All I can say is, WOW.

…on so many exhilarating (yet confusing) levels, Wow.

Sending love (with one eyebrow raised)!




Blazer: Rag and Bone

Cotton T Shirt: DeeDee Atelier

White Jeans: The Gap

Sneakers: Vans Authentic

Photo credit: Mid City Jiro (Maestu)


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