Gone are the days of kisses upon request.

It would seem, ‘Mom’ is now a “coo coo monster” from which one must protect themselves (at all costs).  ‘Mom’.  …me!  The person with whom my Son was totally obsessed.

Like…  Who *is* this gigantic (5 y.o.) human, and what has he done with my baby?!

Mr. Independent.  …reciting the “Pledge of U-legiance” all by himself.  …Mr. “I need ‘pwivacy’ “, when changing his little socks.

You’ll have ‘pwivacy’ when you can enunciate the letter ‘R’!



The Mom Who Refuses to Let Go   (…but, who will do exactly that, like every dutiful Mum before her)  *sigh*

Cheers to love!  …and to growing up.


Dress: American Apparel

Sneaks: Adidas Originals

Kiddo: Mine


Photo credit: Jocelyn Garcia

DeeDee Wright