Adventures in Highlighting



Though I’ve been ‘highlighting’ my cheekbones since *forever, it appears “strobing” is now a thing.

These days my approach to make-up is as subtle, and nuanced, as my approach to style.  …light-handed.

Now that’s not to say I’ve not gone through my fair share of “club looks”.  …from pale blue eye-shadow, to gold eye-liner; I’ve done it all.

And for as fun as it was to manipulate my look (I’m talking entire transformations); it’s nice to look in a mirror and see a brighter more defined version of the same face to which I said goodnight.  *smiles on the inside

Cheers to the experimental years!  …and to truly appreciating your unique brand of ‘beauty’, as defined by You.


Gros bisou a’ tous,




Photo credit: Moi

DeeDee Wright