About DeeDee Wright


DeeDee, a Los Angeles native, started the website Mon Petit +1 in 2012 after working 10 + years in the music industry, for companies such as CAA, MTV and Universal Music Group.

“I was a retired professional turned (‘work-from-home’) consultant for a contemporary womens label, before working as co-creative director (for a stretch). Running a business from home, I initially started my style site as a hobby.  This obligated me to maintain a certain sense of personal identity, while keeping abreast of trends, as co-head of a clothing label.”

DeeDee’s primary focus soon adjusted from personal style, to an all-encompassing Brand, through the process of building the website for .

“Though I am obsessed with style and design, it is something I’ve done my entire life.  …and very much a part of who I am.  It’s the reason, I sought to build (and stylize) several websites.  Platforms to showcase my affinity for minimalism, across the board.  Art, Architecture, Design.”

It is from this experience DeeDee warmed to the idea of exploring a new approach to brand communication (through Cross-Channel Marketing).

“By providing strong images, my branded style of visual story-telling enabled me the opportunity to explore new avenues with which to connect to the market.” says DeeDee. “My approach to Creative Directing a strong (across-the-board) Digital Campaign is simple…keep it narrow, concise, meaningful, image-driven, current…but most importantly, tell a strong identifiable story.”

Having run image-based websites for some time, DeeDee’s reached a point where she wants to share a bit more about the person behind the quirky pics.

Following is her latest quest, DeeDeeWright.Com.

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