Blue Tuesday



Theoretically, one should be extraordinarily relaxed (well-rested) post three-day weekend.  …however this morning I’m anything but.

Seems my “baby” (he’s 4) is dabbling in (what we’ll call) “creative sleep”, as of late.  Meaning: he’d rather be creative than sleep.  …so I’m a little worn today. Continue Reading


Denim and Fur

Fur and Denim:

So I hear there’s an art to wearing (and actually pulling-off) fur in L.A.

Unlike New York, L.A. (as a backdrop) does not naturally lend itself as a believable setting to accommodate looks, inclusive of fur.

As I thought of how I wanted to execute the look above, I had three things in mind: Continue Reading



Fur and Denim:

Fur and denim is just…something that never gets old.

Whereas I’m quite accustomed to seeing these two items paired with a t-shirt, sweater (or generally) some form of knit top; it’s refreshing to see a fur/ denim combo paired with a woven shirt this go round.  …dangling shirt tails (and sunnies) are a definite plus. Continue Reading